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"Prosperity and cheap electricity have promoted a mindless disregard for lighting excess that needs to be brought to public attention."

Harrisburg Patriot-News Editorial

"The night sky is the world's largest national park with its stark beauty available to anyone who steps outside and looks up."

Geoff Chester, US Naval Observatory

". . . substantial amounts of electricity are consumed through unnecessary outdoor lighting by retail establishments after business hours, including but not limited to, shopping centers, auto malls and dealerships . . ."

Gov. Gray Davis, CA

"We're basically lighting up the bellies of birds . . . It's energy waste."

Bob Gent, IDA Public Relations Officer

International Dark-Sky Association (IDA)

IDA is a tremendous international resource dedicated to preserving dark night skies through better lighting.

Internet Light Pollution Links (LiteLynx)

A vast array of links to lighting information including lighting ordinances, new articles, lighting manufacturers and associations, and much more.

Soft Lighting Systems

Manufacturers of community friendly FCO sports lighting.

Dark-Sky List Forum

This list forum is the premier international forum for the discussion of all topics related to light pollution. This forum has about 150 members and about 200 messages per month.

Virginia Lighting List Forum

Similar to the Dark-Sky forum listed above, but specifically focused on Virginia. This forum currently has about 35 members and about 30 messages per month.

IDA Lighting Code Handbook

This is an exhaustive resource covering all of the issues to be addressed when writing a lighting ordinance.

Illumination Engineering Society of North America (IESNA)

IESNA is an association of lighting professionals and corporations. They are the recognized authority in the US on most lighting issues and standards.

Northern Virginia Astronomy Club (NOVAC)

NOVAC is one of the largest astronomy clubs in the country and has been a strong supporter of quality outdoor lighting in our area.